Club 75

Over 20,000 older adults in San Francisco identify as lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, queer and additional identities (LGBTQ+) and represent incredible racial/ethnic diversity; however, this population continues to have high needs and challenges accessing aging and social services. A need remains to develop culturally-tailored programs and specialized services to support LGBTQ+ older adults in overcoming unique historical challenges related to discrimination, stigma, and societal acceptance to ensure they are able to age in place with dignity. Moreover, many LGBTQ+ older adults live alone, which exacerbates feelings of social isolation, loneliness, and depression.

To address these inequities, On Lok, a leading nonprofit provider that founded the PACE healthcare model, and Openhouse, a leading nonprofit provider of LGBTQ+ senior services, jointly launched Community Day Services, affectionaly called Club 75 by its community, which is the nation’s first adult day program co-created with LGBTQ+ older adults. We have been partnering with Openhouse and On Lok to conduct an implementation and effectiveness evaluation of Club 75.

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Openhouse + On Lok Community Day Services

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